Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ireland how beautiful you are!

Good Mornin each one of you!

I want towrite my first post in English saying THANK YOU to Andrea and Brandon, they were our host in Dublin, the wonderful capital sity of Ireland.

The trip was a surprise for Valentina, she didn't kwon where we went until the boarding gate, and was very moving to see her face when she discovered our destiny, the U2 hometown.

The arrival was Friday night, and when we woke up next morning had a glorious day, but sunday was worst than the day before, overall we were in Dublin and there is normal that rain.

One of the highlights of Dublin is its National Gallery, I could see some amazing paintings, but the best one was an outstanding Caravaggio (the Judas' kiss or the taking of Crist)

As everybody knows, I love crazy painters with a dark life, and probably Caravaggio is the best one in all categories, even could be called psycho, but in the opposite hand is one of the masters who has infuenced more in all Art histoy.

But Dublin is not only a painting! We ate the famous chicken wings in Temple neighbourhood, we saw all the new buildings near the Grand Canal and, finally, we crossed the Calatrava's brigde, discovering us a modern and Europan Dublin.

Andrea's house is near the Grand Canal, with wonderful paintings too (:D) and near Facebook Headquarter, where my dear friend Pertu works, He invite us gently to his house and Valentina and me shared a funny time with all Facebook's collegues and his girlfriend.

This was a first visit for me but I hope to return many times in future times, Dublin is only one hour far from here and to visit Brandon and Andrea is allways a pleasure.

Thanks for all.

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