Friday, March 18, 2011


I try to not be lazy and to write this post in English :) It's a long time since the last information we gave you about our new life in UK..but you know, the everyday life is busy and we forget to update our beloved with things, feelings, emotions, that happen and make our days... Today it is one of those days that you ask yourself if you have taken the right decision...I mean moving from a sunny amazing funny country like Spain, to an other country...with different characteristics... At the end of the day it is almost one year that we moved from Madrid and it is time to try to see how this year turns out....well the plus and minus... A lot of plus (among them: I am not paying taxes to the Italian government) and a lot of minus... Today is one of those days that I am just able to see what is scaring me...the person, that you love more and that followed you in this leap of faith , is still without a job that can make his career...we are just living this life day by day with a lot of uncertainties, without any planning about the future....and if we want to be 100% transparent...we feel lonely sometimes...(especially me, especially today after 3 days of sickness at home...alone)... I am just asking to myself if this was the right choice...

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