Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas Tale

HI Folks!

Last Christmas was really great, I know my last post was long time ago and I have many things to tell you.

Valentina and me spend those days between Spain and Italy, we brought with us two large bags full of presents for our families and the fact is that we love to give.

Four days in each country were as a marathon, seen people, eating, calling people… eating again, you know, tradition and family, the pity was we couldn’t see all the people we wanted.

After all the Christmas mess we finally returned here, to Brighton, to celebrate quietly New years eve, best part is we ate twelve grapes with the Spanish New Years Eve and one hour late we could celebrate the English 2011 start.

And our birthdays were specially moving, mine at the 8th and Val at 17th, we received so many calls and emails that simply we only can say THANK YOU, from every places from Europe and beyond.

The last memory is from our anniversary… 2 years together, and the next day is always better that the previous day. I am so thankful for the life I live and for Valentina, she is the engine of all whole world, without her I can’t do anything and with her I really think everything is possible even in the worst days. I love her and I am very lucky for share my life with her. Ah! And we saw Lion King the musical!!! J just amazing!!!!

Thank you guys, we love you!

Lu & Val.

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